A father so necessary??

Before starting today’s post, I want to ask you something…..is it so necessary to have a father? If someone have no father….then they dont exist? 

We are born by our mothers then why are we called by our father’s name?. We are always called by “she is his daughter” but why not “she is her daughter”? The one who took so much pain to give birth is not even considered…..The same happened with her.

Everyone asked about her father but no one cared that she have a great asset of her life “her mother” everyone only sees the dark side. As she grew older, she realised that she has something missing with her that is so common to everyone “FATHER” she asked about this to her mother.

Her mother gave a beautiful reply…..

I am your mother and father too

this reply gave the biggest lesson of her life. It is not necessary to have a father for a good and well off life. But it is very necessary to have a mother with a strong and bold will for a peaceful life.
The enagmatic girl😙

Father or grandfather

The girl was only 3 months old when she left her father. Now think how she survived in this cruel world. The world have no respect and love for a single lady who has a child and that too girl and left her husband’s house.

This same thing goes down with her daughter. Everyone used to ask about her father and she stood speechless and felt like she is just a garbage in the world. She used her grandfather’s name in place of father’s name. But everyone used to ask for the reason. Some were really genuine but some people only made fun of her. She started cutting off from the world to escape from these questions. She saw the sadness of her mother so at a very early age she stsrted hiding her feelings from the whold world….from her mother too. She started becoming very introvert and shy because she didn’t wanted to face those questions of the world for which she had no answers!!! 

When she started going school, she saw that everyine had their own handsome fathers  but she didn’t had. Everyone used to tell her that she don’t have father and whom she calls her father is actually her grandfather…..this kills her inside but she had to hide her feelings because she have never seen a father and don’t even knew that who is he?

Her grandfather loved her a lot, to the moon and back. They shared a strong bond and both were lifelines of each other. She was so confident about him that she challenged the whole world and cut them down with his support. Everyone told her the difference but for her HE WAS THE WHOLE WORLD. no one could ever replace their bond. 

The love that he gave her was out of this world and she was proud to have her😙😙

The enagmatic girl😙

The bold step

…….her mother took a bold step for her daughter’s future and security. She decided to move back woth her parents leaving her husband’s house. With this, she, with a strong heart and a bold mind took the step out of the house.

    Her heart broke down into millions of pieces and she knew that everything was going to b messed up. The society…..THE INDIAN SOCIETY and their beliefs. It is always considered that after marriage, her husband’s house is her own and she is a part of it….having no connection with her own house.

But, what if her husband beats her daily, what if he drinks like hell, what if he asks for dowry or what if he kills her inside??. No one has answer to this. Everyone just blames the women for her actions but no one will ever blame a men for hi acts.

The same thing happened with her, as she entered her own house, the society treated her with a bad look and a bad impression. She needed support not taunts…..but no one will understand this. She took a major decision for her life. Inspite of all this, this brave women didn’t cared about the world and hold her daughter’s hand and helped her to grow with baby steps.




The enagmatic girl😙

Childhood 2

The baby was born and yes, it was a girl. Wrapped in blood, a princess was born to the beautiful family. But, as I discussed earlier that she didn’t cried at first….everyone got scared……

        The doctors checked and found that everything was ok. The kept the mother and girl for few days and then they went back home.

       After they came home, things changed between her and her family. Why?…..because SHE WAS A GIRL…..YES , this changed the whole world.


Let me share a bitter fact with u all….

Her father was a great lawyer, but only to the world. At home, he was only a drunk person who is just a useless piece of shit. Her mother was a teacher and she earned for them. The whole money of her father was eroded on drinks and  beers. 

On the top of it…..HE USED TO BEAT HER MOTHER DAY AND NIGHT AND ASKED FOR MONEY. Tired of all this….she decided to take a bold step for her secured future and her daughter’s life…..

What was that??

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The enagmatic girl😙


To begin with, lets start with the childhood of the enagmatic and mysterious girl.On the wintry days of december, a women cried with labour and was taken to hospital.
After the checkup it was certain that she is going to give birth to a new born. Someone is just going to give birth and a new member is just entering the new world. After the immense pain…..finally,a little baby was born. The baby was so fat and fluffy that the women almost died to pain. The doctors cleaned up the baby and were shocked to see that the baby didn’t even cried. Everyone was so tensed that what is going to happen next……

Strange and confused??

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The enagmatic girl😙