We all are aware of drones and their existence. These are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) but not many of you are aware of some important facts about these drones. These are aerial vehicles that do not require any physical operation and are operated through a remote or an object emitting signals. Here are some mind-blowing facts which we are sure you might not know.

Israel is the largest manufacturer and exporter of military and defense drones
You can easily find plenty of drones in Israel. It was the first country to recognize the necessity and to initiate the production of these drones. ‘Israel Aerospace Industries’ has manufactured drones for about 24 countries.
‘Aerial Target’ and A. M. Low
There has been an enormous development in the features and functioning of these drones. In 1916, A. M. Low made the first attempt to try a powered UVA named ‘Aerial Target’.
A reduction in the crime rate
These powered devices have helped the police in tracking thieves and criminals. Many countries have used these devices to monitor criminal activities in the country. This has led to a reduction in the rate of crimes and also criminals can be easily caught by this.
Delivery and transportation
Famous companies like Amazon, Domino’s, are widely using this technology for the fastest delivery. Amazon’s ‘Prime Air’ can deliver all the packages within 30 minutes via drones.
Drones and real estate
Many real estate dealers are widely using drones to give an overview of the property to their customers. This reduces transportation costs and saves time. Also, you can get a better and complete view of the property in no time.
Improver creativity
Many people are extremely fond of photography and videos. To assist them in getting a great capture, you can use drones to get better clarity and clicks.
Aids in Farming
Today, you can easily use a drone to mark out a few essential things for your field. These things can easily be monitored and you can quickly check your farm for irrigation, pests, fruits, and other essential activities.
America has the highest number of drones
American citizens are extremely fond of new technology. As per a report, more than 4,00,000 drones have been sold to date.

These were a few important and mind-blowing facts about drones. These powered tools are widely loved and appreciated in different fields of economy. On the other hand, there are many disadvantages of these drones. While using such tools, make sure you are well aware of their usage, handling, and storing.


वो एक सवाल

आज फिर किसी ने वही जख्म छेड दिया,
जो आज भी हरा है कहीं न कहीं,
कुछ किस्से ज़िंदगी में इस कदर समा जाते हैं,
कि उन्हें कितना भी निकाल लो,निकलते ही नहीं।

किसी बहुत अपने का दिया हुआ तोहफा है यह जख्म,
अब ज़माने को बताएं भी तो क्या,
रिश्ता ही बहुत करीबी का है,
सच बता कर लोगों को जताएं भी तो क्या।

किसी की एक गलती,एक गलत फैसले की सजा है यह,
जो सारी उमर मेरे साथ रहेगी,
और मैं भी चुप चप सह रही हूं यह सोच कर,
की आखिर दुनिया क्या कहेगी!

एक सवाल है मेरे दिल में कई सालों से,
जिसके जवाब की तलाश में आज भी हूं,
खुद से रोज लड़ती हूं, और सोचती हूं,
कि अब किसी से क्या कहूं!

कोई नहीं जानता,कोई नहीं समझता,
जो मेरे दिल पे बीतती है,
जब दुनिया वहीं सवाल मुझसे करती है,
और जवाब देते देते अक्सर मेरी आंख भरती है।

वो एक सवाल जो मुझे हिला के रख देता है,
वो एक सवाल जो कुछ पलों में सारी यादें ताज़ा कर देता है,
वो एक सवाल जो मेरा पीछा ही नही छोड़ता,
वो एक सवाल जो हमेशा मेरे दिल को तोड देता है

मत पूछो वो एक सवाल मुझसे,
बहुत कड़वी यादें हैं उस से,
खुद से तो रोज़ झूठ बोलती हूं जवाब के नाम पर,
नहीं बोल पाऊंगी तुम सब से।

@the enagmatic girl😘

एक खत तुम्हारे लिए

जब भी तुम्हे देखती हूँ,
यह ख्याल आता है,
की, कितने ख़ास हो तुम
कितने कीमती हो
मेरे लिए

जानते हो,
तुम्हारी मासूमियत ही इतनी प्यारी है,
की बस
दिल करता है, बिना पलकें झपकाएं
तुम्हे देखती रहूँ

तुम्हे छेड़ने का भी अलग ही एक मजा है,
तुम्हारा वो गुस्सा,
वो हलकी सी लड़ाई,
वो हलकी सी तकरार,
उसमे छुपा है ढेर सारा प्यार

तुम्हारी हर छोटी बड़ी चीज बहुत कीमती है मेरे लिए,
इन आँखों में तुम्हे कैद किया है मैंने,
कभी मेरी नज़रों से देखना खुद को,
मोहब्बत न हो जाये तुम्हे,
खुद से, तो कहना

The enagmatic girl 😘

Our bodies wanted more…..

After so long,
We met at same place
And shared,
The same old love
But,in a different way.

The first hug,
Was tighter than before,
Gave more peace to my soul.

The first kiss,
Was more temping,
Made us wanting for more.

The first love bite,
Was more hard
Left us with a beautiful pain.

The way we touched each other,
Was more than a touch
Aroused our bodies.

we kissed madly,
we looked desirely,
we laid down with each other,
We created a frisky aura,
With lust and libidinous touches,
Our bodies wanted more-
More love, lust, hickeys and smashes.

The enagmatic girl 😘

5 November 2018

There is something special about this date.
We Met after five months and
finally got a chance to have a glimpse of each other.
The happiest part was to see him in front of me and
finally I could touch him!

Filthy fights,
warm tight hugs,
hungry kisses and
brutal bites marked the day.
After enormous arguments and
Endless talks,
We still had a lot more to say!

Remarkable touches and
Enchanted moments kept us longing
At the end, we were getting late
And ended the day,
With a sweet chocolate.

The enagmatic girl 😘

Maybe I should leave because you don’t want me to stay

Maybe I should leave
Because you don’t want me to stay,
I know you don’t love me
In the most desired way.

I know my absence will hurt you,
But only if you want to feel
That it is not easy,
For the old wounds to heal

You need to know certain things
About us,
And maybe then you can keep us away
From this chaos and fuss.

Your actions hurt me,make me cry
But I love you more,
And in no world I’ll put you down
Because you are the beauty I adore.

I know I am neither beautiful nor perfect
And definitely,not the girl you wanted
But I guess I am not too bad,
That you always took me for-granted

But maybe I should leave your way
And keep my feelings reserved
For you to get every happiness
And everything,
More than you deserved.

The enagmatic girl 😘

An eulogy to my wall

These walls hold a really special place in my heart.
It has seen my glitter and my grey,
my laughter and my cries,
My toddler steps to adolescence ones
And the secrets which are known to none

These walls hold a really special place in my heart,
It supported my every trembling step,
My angry punches,
I have seen it in different colours
But in every way, it managed to blossome like a flower.

These walls hold a really special place in my heart,
It has gone through many phases of life
Along with us,
It has seen our tiring nights
And some unwanted fights!

Seeing them breaking in front of me,
Tears me apart,
These walls hold a really special place in my heart

The enagmatic girl 😘

थी तो वो आपकी ही ना

थी तो वो आपकी ही ना
जब आपने उसको अपनी ज़िन्दगी से बहार निकला था
हाँ पापा, बेटी तो आपकी ही थी ना
वो नन्ही कली, जिसको अपने खुद मारा था

तीन महीने की थी वो,
दुनिया से अनजान
ऐसी ठोकर दी आपने
की आज भी तलाशती है अपनी पहचान

सिर्फ लड़की थी, बस यही था गुनाह,
इस लिए दे दिया इतना बड़ा गम
लाख कहानियों से छुपाया है उसकी माँ ने यह राज़
जिस से उस की आँखें थी नाम

बहुत बड़े वकील हो न आप
तो इस बार कहाँ गया आपका इन्साफ
सबको इन्साफ दिया, बस अपनी को छोड़ कर
एक बार तो अपनी गलती पलट कर देखते
लड़की थी तो क्या हुआ,
आखिर, थी तो वो आपकी ही ना

The enagmatic girl 😘

A word to my second self

Dear soulmate and my better half ❤❤

I really wanted to say this to you since a long time that you guys are really precious to me. In no world, I can find someone better than you. Thankyou for staying always by my side, no matter what happened. I know I did many foolish mistakes but truly I did them because I know I have someone to hold me up everytime.

In this fake and dishonest world, I have some annoying persons with me who always stood besides me. You always supported me through ups and downs of my life. Whenever I failed or I lost someone or simply just gave up on few things, you held me together. I know we literally don’t see each other frequently, but this distance never turned us apart. We did crazy things together and you are always my shoulder to cry, the one who truly understands the real me, who is ready to fight the world for me, who knows my scars and fears but still embrace them and who loved me unconditionally and without any reason. These memories always puts an automatic smile on my face no matter how bad the situations are!

I really wanted to thank you for being my support system and my lifeline always. You are the only ones I could rely upon and trust blindly. And in the world of fake promises and fake smiles, you are the one who always bought a real one to me. You are truly a blessing to me and I can never explain how important you are to me. No one can ever replace you and separate you from me because we are one soul residing in two different bodies. And no matter how bad and unacceptable you are to the world, you are and will be always perfect for me🤗❤


The enagmatic girl 😘

Before you replace someone…..

The worst part of any relationship is facing the reality that you are being replaced. Your efforts, love,care and all the things you did for them, are worthless now and that person is just going to replace you with another one.

But do you actually wonder that how it becomes so easy for one any so difficult for the other one? It only takes a second to put things to an end and change everything but it takes years to heal that scar.

How gracefully you declared the love as an infatuation and crushed it! If a person is ready to give you it’s 100% love, attention, care and support then how could you even think of replacing him with other one.

And before you replace someone, remember, he had given you the best of him and his time. You will never understand the pain and sufferings he faced after this. It’s all about the emotions attached and the feelings that becomes worthless for one and a lifetime pain for another. Before you replace someone, just spare a minute to think about all the time spent and the things he did for you. And maybe you can save someone from being hurt and entering into an inhuman and pathetic phase of life.

The enagmatic girl 😘