The enagmatic girl😘


Aaj phir…..

आज पहली बार तुझसे मुलाकात हुई
न जाने दिल में एक अजीब सी घबराहट हुई
जो डर सालों से दिल में था,
उससे निकल एक नयी शुरुआत हुई.

आज फिर, दिल ने मोहब्बत क दरवाज़े खोलने चाहे,
जो बंद किये थे उसने खुद से,
आज फिर, तुझे देख के एहसान हुआ,
की अभी भी प्यार जिन्दा ह मुझ में.

पर शायद यह आखरी मुलाक़ात हो हमारी,
डर यह भी था दिल में.
अनसुन्ने अलफ़ाज़, अनकहे जज़्बात, बस यही था शायद हम दोनों में.

आज फिर, दिल ने प्यार करना चाहा,
और शायद फिर से टूटने की उम्मीद मानी
जानती हूँ तुम कभी मेरे नही होगे
शायद इतनी स ही थी हमारी यह कहानी.

The enagmatic girl😘

Late night talks

It was a very random and sudden moment
for two angry hearts,
in spite of anger and frustration
who never wanted to get apart.

the nights started getting intense
and talks being deep.
there was something putting them closer
and giving love that heart can seep.

the call duration increased,
and the awkwardness decreased.
there was someone knocking on the doors
of heart, which was always ceased

these late night talks are mine favourite,
they contain only love and no war.
the love is so deep and intense
that it even heals the deepest scar.

The enagmatic girl😘


Love was never meant to be easy
it is a journey through difficult tracks
we are neither together nor apart
and these are some unwanted love hacks

there are times when two hearts are together
but not in love
or when they are in love
but not together.

we are sailing in same boat
but in different chambers,
there is togetherness but clashes
that to in large number.

love is a dangerous thing
but a beautiful disaster,
to balance between waiting and moving
is a trick to master.

how miraculously things change
from lifetime promises to lifeless ones
how people changes and convert,
their love into puns.

loosing someone is most harsh feeling in the world
and u have felt this too
everyone will stand near you
but the pain will be understood by a few.

I can’t even blame you for anything
because I know somewhere,
I am at fault, for the reason
that you exist nowhere.

I deserve this hatred
and not you love.
for I know I am bad
and you are as beautiful as dove.

The enagmatic girl