Long distance relationships

“Will it work?”
Everyone asked me.
“Yes, i replied proudly.”

Unlike other couples,
He is not with me.
But seeing him through video calls,
Ponders my heart with glee.

He was never there,
To wipe my tears.
But he always supported me,
To fight with world and conquer my fears.

Our main source of communication,
Phones and video calls.
But still,i know he is with me,untill the paradise falls.

Unlike you all,
We also had trust issues and insecurities.
But I can firmly say that,
We handled them better than you and with much maturities.

We never went on drives and dinners,
And celebrated birthdays together.
But hearing his voice for even once,
Can calm the most chaotic and harsh weather.

We are more addicted to phones,
Than you.
But the things we have missed,
Can be understood by a few.

Who says, it’s easy,
To miss a person all the time,
Without seeing and touching
And still proudly call him mine.

We almost cry everyday,
Over the distance and obstacles we had,
This relation gets even worse,
When things go bad.

We have heard many taunts
And some weird advices.
But we still decided to be together,
Ignoring those ugly voices.

Being in a long distance
is not bad at all
It’s just like loving a person
Who lives behind the walls.

The enagmatic girl 😘


Yes, he was my dad

It’s been four years now,
I lost someone
And since that my life has taken a halt
Yes, he was my dad.

From toddler to a teenager,
He always stood behind me like a pillar
And protected me from every failure
Yes, he was my dad.

The one who made my life,
More beautiful and enchanted than a failytale
And showered his immense love on me,
Yes, he was my dad.

These four years were worse than a hell
And still, even more to go.
In the world of fairness, he was a true soul
Yes, he was my dad.

From trembling lips to trembling hamds
We stood besides each other
His morals and values will always accompany me
Yes, he was my dad.

I saw this divine person burning into ashes and fading away.
Dressed in white sheets,
He died and rested a peaceful sleep,
Yes, he was my dad.

The enagmatic girl 😘

A movie date…..

After waiting for months,
They finally met.
The lips were trembling
And the eyes were wet.

The first glimpse of him,
Was breathtaking and valuable.
It gave her storms a calm,
And a reason to be stable.

They walked and entered the theatre,
And he held her hand while the walked.
This made her felt secured and
In the whole movie, they did nothing but talked.

His shoulder was the best armrest
And sitting besides him, was her pride.
They talked like things never changed between them,
And soon this marked the end of their beautiful ride.

Teasing, loud laughs, old memories,
They were trapped in this.
But the best part was,
He came only to fulfil her wish.

After being apart for so long,
They still loved and cared for each other.
It gave them immense peace and satisfaction,
And a hope of being together.

In the end,
He declared this, as their last meeting.
She had an ocean of words to say,
But ended it with a smile and a greeting.

The enagmatic girl 😘

Your each abuse……

Your each abuse,
Puts a deep scratch on me.

It hurts my soul and,
Eventually forces me to hate you.

But how can I hate someone,
I loved too much?

How beautifully you blamed me,
For the crimes I haven’t even committed.

I know you are angry,
And didn’t mean your words.

But how should I,
Convince my mind for that.

I know I did mistakes,
But atleast give me a chance to explain.

Don’t hate me so much that
One day, if you ever want to be with me
You anger and hate
Will pull you down into your unfathomable sea.

The enagmatic girl 😘

Dear mom

Even since I was a toddler,
I saw and felt a shadow with me.
Which made my life a fairytale,
In which everyone was joyous and in glee.

Your seamless and unconditional love,
Is the only healing everytime I get hurt,
I still remember how you got me ready for school
By preparing tiffin and ironing my shirt.

Out of millions of pains you faced,
You only disclosed a few.
And everytime I wonder this,
I simply look at you.

I know you will be always there behind me
To comfort me with your love and care.
And even today when we are separated by distance,
I constantly run in your thoughts and prayers.

I know, I have done blunders in life
And disappointed you in many ways.
But it’s your advices, love and memories,
I remember, everytime I lay.

There are many untold feelings between us,
I noticed all your sacrifices and selfless acts,
The nights you are awake for us
And the scoldings we get when you got to know our facts.

There is no one here to love me like you did,
And with you in my life, I feel really blessed.
I promise that, I will never let you down,
Because among the 7 billion people in the world,

The enagmatic girl 😘

Fading away…..

I am fading away,
But you are not cognitive about it

The bond we made
The feelings we had
Are reducing grade by grade.

The only fear I had
Of loosing you, seems realistic now
Though, I know, I am bad.

You are changing with time
How can you use the same names and emotions
Which we shared, and were mine.?

The understanding we had, is reduced now
Did your heart even ached?
I am wondering now.

Either you leave or stay,
But the things you are doing
Are not getting down the way!

Yes, i get jealous and irritated
When you talk to someone because
I don’t want to share with anyone, you and the things I have fascinated.

I know I am not important to you as you are to me
You will never understand the pain I am going through,
And hidden tears behind this smile and glee.

But that’s ok!! You will never realise these things
And someday you will cry over all these moments and the names I gave you
But till then, I will be faded away
And you will be not cognitive about it!

The enagmatic girl 😘

Happy Father’s Day!!!

On this embraced day,
I really wish heaven had a phone.
So that people like us can talk,
To their departed souls.

Few years back,
I used to celebrate this day.
And now,
I can only wish to do so.

It’s been 4 years,
I am alone and isolated.
Because since I have lost you,
My world have ended.

Blessed are those,
Who can celebrate this day.
Because people like us,
Can only miss and be envious.

If I could bring you back even for a moment,
I will spend my entire life in it.
There are nights I have spent crying
And moments I have missed you.

I needed you everytime,
Your guidance and support.
The aura your had and the memories we created,
Can never be replaced.

God always take the Bestest persons with him,
And to prove this he took you away.
And forced us to celebrate every beautiful day alone,
I really wanted you back only if there could be a way.

The enagmatic girl 😘