My enemies are happy, 

my stabbers are happy.
Seeing this sunset, they feel that i fell.

 But dear,

let me remind you one thing……every night has a morning, 🌷🌷every dusk has a dawn,🌈🌈 and every sunset ⛅⛅has a sunrise🌞🌞

The enagmatic girl😚

Yes, thats me

Broken heart💔

A fake smile☺

Tearing apart

Since a long while

Cared for all

At every point of time

But they didn’t even picked up my call

Still, i am the same old wine😍

They were my mains

My friends, families and mate

But still they didn’t realised my sufferings and pains

And even today, my love surpasses my hate

I knew, i was true and loyal

And so was easily hurt

They considered themselves very royale

And me as a piece of dirt😐

At the end,

I still wore  fake smiles

And walked a few more miles

To love them, as the broken hearts are needed to be mend❤


Dear papa😙

Its you death anniversary today,everyone said that you are dead😢

But even today, I still can’t move ahead!!

You were a kind person with gerat soul,

But then why god did this to all

The good ones are taken away, and the bad ones are left behind

But i dont really feel that it was just and kind💔

I still remember the first time i saw you, oh that sight❤

It gave me an support that i was right💪

Years passed, but memories remained

I still remember….that day when you were stained😢😢

You taught me beautiful lessons of life

But now, you still changed my life

You were always true and loyal

But…..the society was unfair and cruel

I know the fact, that it was not a natural death

It was a murder, by those cruel people out there

I saw a beautiful wreath around you

But the true reasons behind them was known to only  few

Everyone consoled me

But no one ever tried to hold me

I still remember our deep talks, those were precious moments

How I used to adore your gifts and ornaments☺

You were my mentor and my only guide

The day you went, i lost my pride💔

I witnessed the day you went

I was silent, but that doesnt gave god a concent

You were only physically gone

But you still reside in my heart and home

I am still waiting for that day….

When the god will send you back to me I will hug you tightly and say “your little princess missed you papa”😙😙

The enagmatic girl😙


Sitting alone in the corner,
I recalled the moments of my life
Those days and moments were beautiful
When you used to call me your wife❤

Those were the days like sun,
Beautiful and bright
Now turned into shattered pieces,
As dark as night🌆🌆

We used to share a great bond,
love and romance was in the air
But suddenly, u changed
And that was so unfair💔

I read your conversations,
You were too happy, but not with me
My heart broke a bit everytime you lie
But it danced, to see you in glee

We both loved each other,
Everything was going well
But you found someone better
And the heaven turned into hell💔

Shattered and broken……yes, that was me
And you, like sun, brighter and healthy❤❤


The unexpected

Have you ever been in such a situation where you are unexpectedly struck and feel so helpless? At these times, one feel so miserable and everything in the world seems to be struck up. The world seems moving but only you are standing still at a place because you dont have any idea about your next move. The same thing happened with someone.

                          They used to talk every moment, day and night about each small and big happening of their life. They shared a deep bond like the moon and the stars, like sugar and water,like salt and water…….intense, deep and inseparable😍😍. They planned their future together, had long talks and walks, drives and curves. But all were spoiled by destiny followed by a bad luck. Yes, our princess was a bad luck to him and their plans. She was the reason behind his every tear. 

                    But the worst kind of pain is the one when that one person is the only reason behind your smile and happiness and behind your every dark tear too. At times, we get so confused about our future and so can not choose a correct direction and move. But the things we get unexpextedly gives the most happiness to us. These unexpected persons and moments may give you goosebumbs, but at the same time gives you an extreme level of happiness. You may get confused about it, but they will never leave you in an unexpected way❤❤
The enagmatic girl😙

you and me

You hurted,i trusted

You smiled,i cried😢😢

You abused,i amused☺☺

You hit me up,i sit with you

You killed me inside,i made you smile

You didn’t walked a bit,i travelled a mile

You found better,you moved👫

I found better, i closed

You needed a toy,i gave my heart

But when i needed love,you torn me apart💔💔
The enagmatic girl😙

about a mysterious girl…..❤❤