That randomness

A random moment,
filled with randomness.
…..a hopeless and motionless heart💗

someone just played that one song which ….just killed her heart.
memories flashed, torn her apart.


she had gathered enough couage to gather her broken heart.

but, all in vain🙁🙁

she made herself bold strong…..and immune to that pain.


that one song shattered her again…
that night.
she opened a box full of THEIR memories, listened all THOSE songs, viewed all pictures.

A moment full of emotions in a dark,lonely night💗💗

The enagmatic girl😘


💫💫Feelings behind words💫💫

…….while scrolling her facebook wall, she found something shocking which astonished her. Something so scary and unbelieveable, something worst than a nightmare which shaked her heart to its core. She saw a post in which he was tagged. The tag was not important but the content was. Some random girl tagged him in a post which stated “in a relationship…..” . This was beyond imagination and was seemed to be an unrealistic thing. They were not in a relation but their love,their bond was much stronger than anything. 

Those lovely talks, priceless moments, that budding romance seemed to be vanishing. Again a trust was broken and a heart was shattered into pieces. But, she got up, gathered her courage back and commented “congrats. God bless you both” on that post. 

A smile came on her face while tears dropped her eyes. He was never hers but was hers in some way. A distorted bond and some lost feelings controlled her mind. Their love was a magic to her, although it was never a love💔. 

Between the shades of love, she lost someone who was never hers.

The enagmatic girl😚

A truthful lie

Life teaches us many things. Some are good while others are bad. Some may be good for one and bad for another or some may be bad for one and good for others. But the best part of this is that it always teaches us a  lesson yes, every experience always gives us an experience and a moral lesson for life.

But what, when this experience is man made and intentional? We come across many people in our life and everyone has a dark side of its past which he fears to disclose due to the pre-decided perceptions and “STANDARDS” of this society.

Ever wondered, what makes a society?

Its always made up of people like you and me. We always judge others by how they look or what they wear or by their bank balance. But when someone judges us the same way, we feel disrespected. Why? Generally, in most of the cases, the truth is suppressed so that the lies and fakeness can turn up in this world. Money and a good approach is considered the best way to do this. Everyone tries to befool the world by his lies and the worst part is when he succeeds in it. 

Today, we are at a stage where everyone fears to express the truth fearing humiliation and a disrespect but remember, truth is the most powerful and the most strongest weapon if used in proper form. A poor person has the most beautiful heart and soul. He is away from the fake world. We are at a point where everyone is fighting with their problems but is not willing to share it, everyone seems to be happy but is shattered inside. 

Between the fight of truth and this fake world, one is going to loose. Mostly truth, because lies are overpowered with money. A truthful person needs to prove himself everytime and a fake person only pays money for it. One can even loose his father or dear ones in this fight but still, the truth fails to find its way. The truth still prevails here but is forced to be within a mask, a mask made by SOCIETY. 

We live in a world full of hallucination- what is real, is not projected. And what is projected, is not real.❤
The enagmatic girl😚

💑Pretty us💑

She had a class, a swag, a different attitude

Which made her different from the crowd😎😎😎

He had an urge, a determination and a strong will🔥🔥

To make her his beat and show the world his love and proud❤💑❤

The enagmatic girl😚

A drop of love❤

Let me be your rain, a rain of love

Drench yourself in it❤

Feel me, feel my pain

That keeps my heart lit💑💑

Today, lets just confess our love

And be with each other

Because a love once lost,

Cannot be recovered💋💋

We are the best couple, we know.

Lets convert the best into bestest and,

And turn on the fire🔥🔥 in our hearts and let it glow💋💋❤💋💋

The enagmatic girl😚


And today again, another love story is about to end. No one was at fault or say, both were at fault. Too much care and silence were the killers. They used to think about each other first, even before themselves. The main reason for the immortal silence.

Endless talks, chats, memories and moments were converted into endless and a deep silence. I know i am not perfect for him or for anyone else out there. So I kept myself away from him. And he, he was never at fault but still suffered because of me. 

Its better now to begin a new thing if you cant continue it or cant give your 100% in it-she thought.

Love can even convert that 70% into 100%-he thought❤

This clash of thinking and fear of loosing each other was constant in them. May be it overpowered their love or may be love can still beat all the obstacles on the way.

Time changed, uncertainities arised, doubts created their way……but above all, a silence was there.

But inspite of this, few things were still same, trust,love and respect and a hope for positivity💋💋

The enagmaticgirl😚

❤Happy rakshabandhan❤

Every year

Same feeling,

Faces smiling

Hearts yelling😢


A day- when every brother promises to protect his sister.

And in return,

She is the healing for his every wound and blister.

They tease, they fight

They get scolded,

They get angry

Buy at the end all things get right💕

They laughed together

They cried together

She is like a second mother

And he, like a second father.

They cannot tolerate each other at times

But their love is immense and divine❤

Lucky are those who have someone today,

Someone to pamper and irritate at the same time

This string promises love and security

For someone who is only mine.

But what about those who doesnt have and brother or sister

Or they are far away?

Some lost their in wars or in some religious way

These are the ones who feel alone today

And I am one of them

Its like a normal day for us with a lots of pain

We question our destiny,

About this beautiful gain

This relation is the purest of all

Mutual give and take of love❤

Someone to protect like a father and scold like a mother

And every year I wish……. I wish I had a brother😢😢

The enagmatic girl😙