A word to my second self

Dear soulmate and my better half ❤❤

I really wanted to say this to you since a long time that you guys are really precious to me. In no world, I can find someone better than you. Thankyou for staying always by my side, no matter what happened. I know I did many foolish mistakes but truly I did them because I know I have someone to hold me up everytime.

In this fake and dishonest world, I have some annoying persons with me who always stood besides me. You always supported me through ups and downs of my life. Whenever I failed or I lost someone or simply just gave up on few things, you held me together. I know we literally don’t see each other frequently, but this distance never turned us apart. We did crazy things together and you are always my shoulder to cry, the one who truly understands the real me, who is ready to fight the world for me, who knows my scars and fears but still embrace them and who loved me unconditionally and without any reason. These memories always puts an automatic smile on my face no matter how bad the situations are!

I really wanted to thank you for being my support system and my lifeline always. You are the only ones I could rely upon and trust blindly. And in the world of fake promises and fake smiles, you are the one who always bought a real one to me. You are truly a blessing to me and I can never explain how important you are to me. No one can ever replace you and separate you from me because we are one soul residing in two different bodies. And no matter how bad and unacceptable you are to the world, you are and will be always perfect for me🤗❤


The enagmatic girl 😘


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