Before you replace someone…..

The worst part of any relationship is facing the reality that you are being replaced. Your efforts, love,care and all the things you did for them, are worthless now and that person is just going to replace you with another one.

But do you actually wonder that how it becomes so easy for one any so difficult for the other one? It only takes a second to put things to an end and change everything but it takes years to heal that scar.

How gracefully you declared the love as an infatuation and crushed it! If a person is ready to give you it’s 100% love, attention, care and support then how could you even think of replacing him with other one.

And before you replace someone, remember, he had given you the best of him and his time. You will never understand the pain and sufferings he faced after this. It’s all about the emotions attached and the feelings that becomes worthless for one and a lifetime pain for another. Before you replace someone, just spare a minute to think about all the time spent and the things he did for you. And maybe you can save someone from being hurt and entering into an inhuman and pathetic phase of life.

The enagmatic girl 😘


Silent conversations

Looking at you, I wonder
How you never fail to make me smile,
And feel contended
Ever though we are separated by miles!

Those old and random chats,
And the playful things we did.
Makes me smile again, magically,
Like a five years old kid.

The weird names we had,
And those late night conversations.
Missing you is an obvious thing,
Since you were the one I talked without hesitations.

Things moved on, situations changed,
But Our bond will still exist,
Because your infinite obstacles and blocks
Will fail away to separate fog and mist.

The enagmatic girl 😘

Block list

From friendlist to block list! Things ended in an unexpected way.

The most beautiful irony of an virtual relationship is that we can always be together, without being together. Every long distance relationship has a strong and a trustful base, upon which they both rely and live. That awful and pathetic feeling cannot be explained in words.

It feels as your world have shattered. From talking 24*7 to seeing his blank Dp, things went bad. I was really addicted to that one person and literally my whole day revolved around him. The little things we did for each other are enough to make my day beautiful. Though he is not physically present with me, but he always calls me till I fell asleep. We used to fight daily over petty things but I still gave my best into this relationship. He was the first one I used to call in the morning and the last one at night.

But still I wonder, that was it so uneasy for him to block me? I know I never had much importance in his life. I know he never loved me or maybe he loved someone else. I acted as his morning alarm, his secret diary, his mood changer but still he didn’t loved me. But I was still okay with it because even if you love someone,you can never force them to love you back. I accept that you don’t love me the way I do and I expect the least from you. Just ask yourself that even though you don’t consider my love, this relation, the time we had, then why do you get angry and jealous of every other person who talks with me. If I am nothing to you, then why does these things affect you? Spare a minute and ask yourself that did this block really made a difference or it was your illusion.

The enagmatic girl 😘

This home is no more the same place it used to be

This home is no more the same place,
It used to be.
It’s like a haunted and a scary building now,
Which was earlier full of smiles giggles and Glee.

Since the day you left us,
Things are no more the same.
It’s been four years now,
And I still can’t understand the blame game!!

The chair you used,
The clothes you had.
Scares me now
Instead of making me glad.

Today, I feel really jealous,
Of the daughters who have their fathers with them.
Because since you left me,
I am like a cursed root, searching for its stem.

Even today, I can feel you around me,
Waiting for you everyday.
And hoping for a miracle,
That will bring you back and allow the happiness to enter my life in a new way.

The enagmatic girl 😘


कमाल की आदत है इश्क़ की,
ना पूरा हुआ, न अधूरा रहा
लाख बातें की हमने साथ में,
कभी लफ़्ज़ों से तो कभी आँखों से कहा

मैं और मेरी तन्हाई
एक दुसरे के साथ बहुत खुश थे
तुम आये और हमें अलग कर दिया
बहुत अछा लगा उस तन्हाई से दूर जा कर
ऐसा लगा जैसे दिल का बोझ कम कर दिया

इश्क़ ने ऐसा अपना बनाया, की तन्हाई कही दूर ही चली गयी
और मैं भी कितना नासमझ हो,
जिसने साथ दिया, उसी को छोड़ दिया.

लेकिन घमंड था बहुत तुम पर इश्क़
तुम्हारे एक धोखे ने वो भी चूर कर दिया
अरे कांच जितना नाज़ुक था दिल मेरा
उसे भी तोड़ दिया!
ऐ इश्क़, एक बार तो मेरा भी सोचा होता तूने
की तू अपने साथ मेरा भी एक अंश ले गया

इस टूटे हुए दिल को फिर उसी ने संभाला
जिसको तेरे लिए छोड़ा था,
फिरसे मेरी तन्हाई ने मेरे आंसूं पोंचो और गले से लगाया
सही कहती थी वो, बहुत ही ज़ालिम चीज ह इश्क़ ग़ालिब,
जिसने नहीं किया वो भी दुखी है, और जिसने कर लिया उसने भी कोनसा कुछ पाया!!!

The enagmatic girl 😘

Long distance relationships

“Will it work?”
Everyone asked me.
“Yes, i replied proudly.”

Unlike other couples,
He is not with me.
But seeing him through video calls,
Ponders my heart with glee.

He was never there,
To wipe my tears.
But he always supported me,
To fight with world and conquer my fears.

Our main source of communication,
Phones and video calls.
But still,i know he is with me,untill the paradise falls.

Unlike you all,
We also had trust issues and insecurities.
But I can firmly say that,
We handled them better than you and with much maturities.

We never went on drives and dinners,
And celebrated birthdays together.
But hearing his voice for even once,
Can calm the most chaotic and harsh weather.

We are more addicted to phones,
Than you.
But the things we have missed,
Can be understood by a few.

Who says, it’s easy,
To miss a person all the time,
Without seeing and touching
And still proudly call him mine.

We almost cry everyday,
Over the distance and obstacles we had,
This relation gets even worse,
When things go bad.

We have heard many taunts
And some weird advices.
But we still decided to be together,
Ignoring those ugly voices.

Being in a long distance
is not bad at all
It’s just like loving a person
Who lives behind the walls.

The enagmatic girl 😘

Yes, he was my dad

It’s been four years now,
I lost someone
And since that my life has taken a halt
Yes, he was my dad.

From toddler to a teenager,
He always stood behind me like a pillar
And protected me from every failure
Yes, he was my dad.

The one who made my life,
More beautiful and enchanted than a failytale
And showered his immense love on me,
Yes, he was my dad.

These four years were worse than a hell
And still, even more to go.
In the world of fairness, he was a true soul
Yes, he was my dad.

From trembling lips to trembling hamds
We stood besides each other
His morals and values will always accompany me
Yes, he was my dad.

I saw this divine person burning into ashes and fading away.
Dressed in white sheets,
He died and rested a peaceful sleep,
Yes, he was my dad.

The enagmatic girl 😘