And today again, another love story is about to end. No one was at fault or say, both were at fault. Too much care and silence were the killers. They used to think about each other first, even before themselves. The main reason for the immortal silence.

Endless talks, chats, memories and moments were converted into endless and a deep silence. I know i am not perfect for him or for anyone else out there. So I kept myself away from him. And he, he was never at fault but still suffered because of me.

Its better now to begin a new thing if you cant continue it or cant give your 100% in it-she thought.

Love can even convert that 70% into 100%-he thought❤

This clash of thinking and fear of loosing each other was constant in them. May be it overpowered their love or may be love can still beat all the obstacles on the way.

Time changed, uncertainities arised, doubts created their way……but above all, a silence was there.

But inspite of this, few things were still same, trust,love and respect and a hope for positivity💋💋

The enagmatic girl😚

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