❤Happy rakshabandhan❤

Every year

Same feeling,

Faces smiling

Hearts yelling😢


A day- when every brother promises to protect his sister.

And in return,

She is the healing for his every wound and blister.

They tease, they fight

They get scolded,

They get angry

Buy at the end all things get right💕

They laughed together

They cried together

She is like a second mother

And he, like a second father.

They cannot tolerate each other at times

But their love is immense and divine❤

Lucky are those who have someone today,

Someone to pamper and irritate at the same time

This string promises love and security

For someone who is only mine.

But what about those who doesnt have and brother or sister

Or they are far away?

Some lost their in wars or in some religious way

These are the ones who feel alone today

And I am one of them

Its like a normal day for us with a lots of pain

We question our destiny,

About this beautiful gain

This relation is the purest of all

Mutual give and take of love❤

Someone to protect like a father and scold like a mother

And every year I wish……. I wish I had a brother😢😢

The enagmatic girl😙

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