Relatiinships now a days,
Just like a piece of shit.
They will just put you down in every way
From a whole to a bit.

Initially, the things will be right
Like a sun shining bright,
But now the things got worse
The heavenly things,the love….just turned into a curse.

Love at first sight, they say
Seemed very beautiful and bright
But at the end we couldn’t get a way
To get out of this plight

In this race we forget many things,
Our parents, families and friends
Who loved us from the core😍😍
But,that one person will just put everything to an end.

His love was fake, those promises were unreal
We only bothered about his happiness
But,look back……there are still some people standing for you
To convert that sadness into a real smile☺☺
Yes, thats the power of a true and a loyal friendship,which never comes to an end ❤❤

The enagmatic girl😚

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