Dear papa😙

Its your death anniversary today,everyone said that you are dead😢

But even today, I still can’t move ahead!!

You were a kind person with gerat soul,

But then why god did this to all

The good ones are taken away, and the bad ones are left behind

But i dont really feel that it was just and kind💔

I still remember the first time i saw you, oh that sight❤

It gave me an support that i was right💪

Years passed, but memories remained

I still remember….that day when you were stained😢😢

You taught me beautiful lessons of life

But now, you still changed my life

You were always true and loyal

But…..the society was unfair and cruel

I know the fact, that it was not a natural death

It was a murder, by those cruel people out there

I saw a beautiful wreath around you

But the true reasons behind them was known to only few

Everyone consoled me

But no one ever tried to hold me

I still remember our deep talks, those were precious moments

How I used to adore your gifts and ornaments☺

You were my mentor and my only guide

The day you went, i lost my pride💔

I witnessed the day you went

I was silent, but that doesnt gave god a concent

You were only physically gone

But you still reside in my heart and home

I am still waiting for that day….

When the god will send you back to me I will hug you tightly and say “your little princess missed you papa”😙😙

The enagmatic girl😙

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