The unexpected

Have you ever been in such a situation where you are unexpectedly struck and feel so helpless? At these times, one feel so miserable and everything in the world seems to be struck up. The world seems moving but only you are standing still at a place because you dont have any idea about your next move. The same thing happened with someone.

They used to talk every moment, day and night about each small and big happening of their life. They shared a deep bond like the moon and the stars, like sugar and water,like salt and water…….intense, deep and inseparable😍😍. They planned their future together, had long talks and walks, drives and curves. But all were spoiled by destiny followed by a bad luck. Yes, our princess was a bad luck to him and their plans. She was the reason behind his every tear.

But the worst kind of pain is the one when that one person is the only reason behind your smile and happiness and behind your every dark tear too. At times, we get so confused about our future and so can not choose a correct direction and move. But the things we get unexpextedly gives the most happiness to us. These unexpected persons and moments may give you goosebumbs, but at the same time gives you an extreme level of happiness. You may get confused about it, but they will never leave you in an unexpected way❤❤
The enagmatic girl😙

8 thoughts on “The unexpected

  1. I don’t think the boy will leave her in any of her situation….Even if she is the reason why he cries…Bcz if he loves her so deep then it will not matter to him….God bless them Both….May their Bond never Be Separated😍

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  2. This reminds me a lot of being young and in the early stages of a relationship, when you’re so in love and have really intense feelings for each other, but at the same time you don’t know whether your futures can work together or not.

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  3. even if one is reason behind every tear of other but they should stick together and tackel every obstacle hand in hand….. but tere according tan gigi the the girl should just silently move away for the boys’s sake…. right???

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