👫An unrealistic bond👫

A new friend request!!! Blinked her screen. She opened and found that it was of his old known friend. She accepted. First they had a few initial and awkward chats. Then the chats began to increase day by day.

After a few days, their ususal friendship changed into a strong bond. They started talking day and night. They started meeting each other and had long talks. They used to walk down long and empty streets and had infinite talk, food and some small romantic moments.

They used to walk around lakes and beaches, hand in hand. They used to drive through mountains and bridges and shared every piece of their heart. They started growing and slowly fell in love. Both were too shy to accept or confess it but both of them appreciated each other’s little efforts and sayings. The boy did every possible try to give her a new life full of smiles and happiness. But the girl, scared of heartbreaks, resisted to it and he still accepted it as it is.

Slowly, things began to get deep. On one random day, they began to discuss about a perfect relationship, its dimensions and life. They had endless talks about it and made many plans for their future. They used to tease each other, made fun, care, insulted and did every idiotic thing.

For no reason, their heart planned these things with each other. A deep and secret relation began in hearts, away from minds.

The enagmatic girl😙

8 thoughts on “👫An unrealistic bond👫

  1. A very interesting story! It reminds me of my close friendship with two lovely girls when I was a teen myself too. How time flies! Now I long for this special bond with another soul. It feels the older I grow, the more of a loner I become. Thanks for the story! It echoes with my own reminiscence. 🙂

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