The dark love

In today’s world college is the best place to find love. So this story relates to the college days of our princess. She was so shy and scared on her 1st day that she couldn’t manage to do things well. But on the other hand she was pretty like hell. She had beautiful golden brown hair and blue eyes which were the secret and the main attraction to her beauty. On the first day of her college she wore a beautiful black dress and was looking like angel on earth. This dress enhance her beauty million more times. She wanted to go to room number 107 but but she couldn’t find a proper way to it. So she asked a guy who was standing near her to guide her the way, coincidently he also wanted to go to the same room.

They both went to the room and completed the admission procedure, after they were free he asked her for a coffee they went to a nearby coffee shop. Here our princess got a new friend and it was the beginning of A Love Story too.

They used to sit in parks, holding hands, romancing winds and felt each other. The boy used to stare at his love, her eyes, her hairs……he was so deeply involved into it and she can’t stop blushingโคโคโค

After few days they decided to get marry and asked their parents about it. After a long struggle, they got married. After this she saw his darker side, full of hatered and aggression. He used to beat her daily, pull her hairs, abuse her in front of his friends and even burn him.

2 years passed, the girl tolerated all this because of her love, her feelings. One day, he entered the house with a beautiful girl. She was shocked to see this, that girl was wearing the same bridal dress, same jwellery, everything was same. He man told her that they just got married. She cried infront of them, begged their relation but all in vein. Her husband was not hers. He kicked her up outside their room.

That day, it was the last day of every slap, every pain, every burn, every cigarette butt, every fake smile and everything. They next morning, they saw her bleeding on floor with a end note to his new wife which stated,

Take care of my love like I did, he is so innocent and pure.

I was not perfect for him, but you both are perfect for each other.


The enagmaic girl๐Ÿ˜™

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