Between love and regret

It is usually said that love is another name of sacrifice. But in some cases,it leaves a lifetime regret for one of them.

This story is about the first and the most beautiful relationship of our princess. She was so excited about it but a bit scared. Everything was new and unique for her. Her feelings were so genuine and true that no one can find a flaw in it and so did her guy. They were madly in love with each other. Long calls, day-night talks, late night romantic walks, those dinners and dates……worked so well till a 3rd person entered their life.

She was his childhood friend. Both had a sweet and friendly bond. Our princess was not jealous about it but was happy to see his happiness. Little did she knew what was going to happen.

Her guy and hus friend started going for shopping and they both ignored her. She felt bad but feared his happiness. They started going on movies,places,dinners and every special place where he used to go with our princess.

One day he planned to get married….neither with his friend nor with our princess, but with another girl. Both the girls were shocked at this. They both cried a lot. He apologised our princess for this. She said that one apology can’t compensate her pain and love but she again left everything for him. After their marriage, his wife came to know about their past relationship. They had a big fight.

At the end, he handed him a gift box for our princess. He opened it, and was shocked to see the content. It contained a GUN. His wife wanted to kill her. She asked him to do this so that no one can come between them.

That guy had no other way out from this. He went to her house and killed her, he was arrested and got an imprisionment for 10 years.

When he came back, he saw her wife with another guy and their two kids. She expalined everything to him and said sorry for all this.

He said the same thing… apology can’t compensate his pain and love.

At this moment he was helpless and full of regret and lost everything.

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