❤wanna have coffee❤

……..they both were sleeping in their own rooms, deep into their memory lanes and dreams. Suddenly her phone rang, she picked, in a sleepy voice she murmerred and guess……it was he❤❤❤. He, in a beautiful and romantic way asked her, ‘wanna have coffee?’

She was so tired and sleepy that she said ‘NO’. He said, “get ready, i’ll be there in 5 minutes”. And cut the phone. Our princess fell asleep again. He came near her house to pick her up, but she was already slept…..

After calling her several times, she picked the call and he asked her to open the door. She was half asleep and then with her tender steps she got down and opened the door.

Oh! There he was. The sigh was so beautiful and romantic that she almost fell for him again. Dressed in her favourite clothes- blue shirt and black trousers. He looked not less than a superstar who made his entry in movie. It was 1 at night and there stood her man. she was dresses in loose T-shirt and old PJs and he just looked into her eyes and felt the deep sea and a shore. She was so overwhelmed and amazed to see him that she couldn’t resist staring him. Her all tiredness, drizzyness, sleep…..all vanished in few seconds. He took her in his arms, kissed her forehead and took her to the room…….not for love, lust and romance but to get her ready. She asked him to wait till she get ready but he said she was perfect as she is and should go like this. She was a little hesitant in going out like this but he held her hand nd said, “u are 1 in a million babe, and princess of my life”. This was enough for her to give immense confidence. He then made a most romantic gesture…..

He dressed her hairs up…..yes❤. The day she actually felt like PRINCESS. He tied them up into a ponytail and them went down. Within few minutes, they reached a nearby coffee shop. They both took their seats and ordered coffee.

Meanwhile he took a rose from his pocket and gave it to her. Her stomach felt butterflies and before she could say anything……he took a box and it contained a beautiful ring.❤❤

He said, “will you be able to handle me for the rest of the life?” In no time, she shouted ‘ YES’. Everyone out their clapped and blessed them.

Those noise wake her up from her deep memory lane and she realised that it was just a flashback of their first date and he now nowhere existed in her world. Her heart ached and she cried a lot. At the end she did her usual task…….hugged FLUFFY- her teddy❤ and cried, cried and cried…..and slept. In this world no one knew her pain except her heart and fluffy❤❤
The enagmatic girl😙

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