united by cancer,separated by……

…..she was forced to be in an unwanted relation which no one knew. Everyone sees the top crust but only she knew the core. She was so perfect at hiding her feelings that even that guy was unable to see them. She hid them in a coffin between white sheets and cried daily to make them die. She did everything to make him happy but inside……every effort killed her. She acted as a piller,a backbone for him and supported him through every drift. Sacrifice is the other name of love.nd she sacrificed herself…. but not for love, for life. He loved her infinite times. She respected his love but can’t give 100% in return. They were just like a perfect couple….full of magical love❤❤

The girl spended more than 2 years with him just to make him recover properly. Then one fine day,she gave up. Her heart ached but she cant withstand any more. She saved a life, from cancer and it was sufficient for her to live with but that guy was not ready to leave her. After all she was her love and both loved each other unconditionally. Soon,she started pushed her away from him and they were aparted😢😢😢 both cried a lot but she knew they didn’t have a future together. She took this bold move for him and the world took her wrong. Everyone start hating her for this reason,her friends too. She lost many,but found one❤❤ she knew he would always stand by her no matter what.

But her world shattered when he also get her wrong. He thought that she wasin another relation and stuff but she knew that her heart belonged to him. Both loved each other silently but did every effort to save each other. And in this, they lost each other.

The guy soon got a best friend who was trying to replace our princess. She knew that she is going to snatch him away but cant help because she didnt wanted to interfere in his life. She willingly gave up her rights…..and her love💔💔. His best friend joined all the broken pieces like she did 2 years back…..

After few days,on 10 may She got a news of their engagement. Her world was torn and shattered. But she was happy for them. She didnt wanted that her love should interfere in their new life. So she stepped back herself.

Her mind knew the fact but heart still waited for him. She planned something special and big for their third anniversary but….it remained plan only. She quitely saw her love being lost but cant do anything because she was bound with love. That guy beautifully broke her,her heart,her efforts,her pain, their cancer…….. into a piece of shit😢😢😢

She watched him going away but smiled anyway for his happiness. But somw where today also,she has a hope for him to come back and she waited there only standing alone, at a dark place,in a dark life……for his happiness.

That day,she really realised that…….TO LOVE IS TO SACRIFICE💔💔

The enagmatic girl😙

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