❤❤love is in the air-2❤❤

“Love will tear us apart…..❤💔💔”

…….cancer,made them together. But any relation that start with a reason other than love doesn’t last longer. The same thing happened here. The boy loved her a lot like hell and the girl too loved him but just due to his cancer. She knew that he has only a few days left for his life. She wanted to give him every happiness of the world because they were ‘BEST FRIENDS’ but this friendship lead to an unexpected and unwanted relationship. The boy was so happy in this relation but the only sufferer here was our princess, she did everything for him but with no satsfaction and fulfillment. Her main motive was to keep him alive for which she killed herself. Every talk with that guy killed her inside. She killed her heart for that guy. To the world it was a beautiful relation, but for her it was like a jail in which she was captured by force,not physical but mental and emotional. The force was nothing but LOVE,CARE AND BOND.❤

The enagmatic girl😙

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