A twisted bond

Soon the girl grew up with a cruel pain and a heavy heart. She started believing that she was the only reason for that shit which happened to her and her mother. They belonged to a very reputed family and had a high status in society. But after this incident, everyone used to look and ask akward questions about their personal life. This killed them inside. Her mother used to kill off her anger and frustration on her. She used to beat her, bite her, scold her. She even used to beat her up with rod and sticks. The little princess used to cry a lot in corner but inspite of this she faked the world with her smile. She had a beautiful asset.- Her EYES. Yes, she had sach a beautiful eyes that anyone can fall for them. Any why not, the eyes who have cried a lot are thought to be pretty. Her mother used to love her a lot she was even willing to sacrifice her life for her but at the same time beat her to death.



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