A father so necessary??

Before starting today’s post, I want to ask you something…..is it so necessary to have a father? If someone have no father….then they dont exist?

We are born by our mothers then why are we called by our father’s name?. We are always called by “she is his daughter” but why not “she is her daughter”? The one who took so much pain to give birth is not even considered…..The same happened with her.

Everyone asked about her father but no one cared that she have a great asset of her life “her mother” everyone only sees the dark side. As she grew older, she realised that she has something missing with her that is so common to everyone “FATHER” she asked about this to her mother.

Her mother gave a beautiful reply…..

I am your mother and father too

this reply gave the biggest lesson of her life. It is not necessary to have a father for a good and well off life. But it is very necessary to have a mother with a strong and bold will for a peaceful life.
The enagmatic girl😙

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