Father or grandfather

The girl was only 3 months old when she left her father. Now think how she survived in this cruel world. The world have no respect and love for a single lady who has a child and that too girl and left her husband’s house.

This same thing goes down with her daughter. Everyone used to ask about her father and she stood speechless and felt like she is just a garbage in the world. She used her grandfather’s name in place of father’s name. But everyone used to ask for the reason. Some were really genuine but some people only made fun of her. She started cutting off from the world to escape from these questions. She saw the sadness of her mother so at a very early age she stsrted hiding her feelings from the whold world….from her mother too. She started becoming very introvert and shy because she didn’t wanted to face those questions of the world for which she had no answers!!!

When she started going school, she saw that everyone had their own handsome fathers but she didn’t had. Everyone used to tell her that she don’t have father and whom she calls her father is actually her grandfather…..this kills her inside but she had to hide her feelings because she have never seen a father and don’t even knew that who is he?

Her grandfather loved her a lot, to the moon and back. They shared a strong bond and both were lifelines of each other. She was so confident about him that she challenged the whole world and cut them down with his support. Everyone told her the difference but for her HE WAS THE WHOLE WORLD. no one could ever replace their bond.

The love that he gave her was out of this world and she was proud to have her😙😙

The enagmatic girl😙

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