The bold step

…….her mother took a bold step for her daughter’s future and security. She decided to move back woth her parents leaving her husband’s house. With this, she, with a strong heart and a bold mind took the step out of the house.

Her heart broke down into millions of pieces and she knew that everything was going to b messed up. The society…..THE INDIAN SOCIETY and their beliefs. It is always considered that after marriage, her husband’s house is her own and she is a part of it….having no connection with her own house.

But, what if her husband beats her daily, what if he drinks like hell, what if he asks for dowry or what if he kills her inside??. No one has answer to this. Everyone just blames the women for her actions but no one will ever blame a men for hi acts.

The same thing happened with her, as she entered her own house, the society treated her with a bad look and a bad impression. She needed support not taunts…..but no one will understand this. She took a major decision for her life. Inspite of all this, this brave women didn’t cared about the world and hold her daughter’s hand and helped her to grow with baby steps.




The enagmatic girl😙

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