Childhood 2

The baby was born and yes, it was a girl. Wrapped in blood, a princess was born to the beautiful family. But, as I discussed earlier that she didn’t cried at first….everyone got scared……

The doctors checked and found that everything was ok. The kept the mother and girl for few days and then they went back home.

After they came home, things changed between her and her family. Why?…..because SHE WAS A GIRL…..YES , this changed the whole world.


Let me share a bitter fact with u all….

Her father was a great lawyer, but only to the world. At home, he was only a drunk person who is just a useless piece of shit. Her mother was a teacher and she earned for them. The whole money of her father was eroded on drinks and beers.

On the top of it…..HE USED TO BEAT HER MOTHER DAY AND NIGHT AND ASKED FOR MONEY. Tired of all this….she decided to take a bold step for her secured future and her daughter’s life…..

What was that??

Check the next post….

The enagmatic girl😙

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